Benny Bars Back From Paint

We just got a new batch of Ben Lewis Signature 4PC bars back from paint that will be in stock soon. If you head over to RideBMX, you can check out Benny’s latest bike check to see what else he’s running. Here’s an excerpt from that article explaining the motivation behind his 4PC bars:

Jeff Z (RideBMX): We both know that four-piece bars are the superior choice, but what made you personally choose that style for your signature Fit bars?
Ben Lewis: Haha that is true! I love the look. I grew up wanting to be Troy McMurray when he had that all black Sabbath. So I always had [S&M Brain] Castillo’s or the 4-piece Standard [Strip] bars. When I got the chance to design my own it was what I went back to—I couldn’t be happier.