We are currently accepting offers on 26 American Made FIT frames (no stickers). These would make great shop frames with your stickers. Below are the specs, breakdown of sizes, colors, etc. To get the best deal you’d have to take them all – however all offers will be accepted. Contact your rep if you’re interested. Matte Blue: 20.5” (1), 20.75” (6), 21” (7) Matte Clear: 20.5” (2), 20.75” (4), 21” (6) This is a simple, straightforward frame with a tall headtube and standover. Featuring a larger tube set, this is a strong, stiff frame with street geometry. A high bottom bracket helps with grind clearance, the steep headtube helps with front-end tricks and the thick micro-pegs will hold up better during peg chinks. Double Gusset with Embossed FIT Script Logo Butted Top and Seat Tubes Straight Gauge Down Tube Straight Gauge S-Bend Tapered Chain stays Straight Gauge Ultra-Tapered Seat Stays 2.4″ Tire Clearance (even when slammed) 5″ Head Tube American Made 20.5″, 20.75″, 21″ 13.3″ -13.5” Rear End 75.5° HA 71° SA Investment Cast Seat Clamp 11.8″ BB 9.5″ Stand Over Integrated HT Mid BB 14mm, 4Q Baked, 1/4″ Thick drops No Brake Mounts No Gyro holes Butted Vari-Wall ThermalX 20.5” – 5 lb 2 oz / 2.32 kg 20.75” – 5 lb 3 oz / 2.35 kg 21” – 5 lb 4 oz / 2.38 kg