S&M Bikes, an American bicycle company famous for its D.I.Y. ethos and fun-at-all-costs antics, has proudly produced the best BMX parts in the business since 1987. Manufactured in Santa Ana, Calif., S&M’s frames, forks, bars and small parts still share their time in the spotlight with some of the sport’s most classic characters, just like they have since Day 1.


Backed by S&M’s reputation for making great parts, Fitbikeco. and its roster of legendary riders has been influencing the masses since its inception in 2000. With the bulk of their aftermarket parts Made in the U.S.A. and a complete bike line that blows the competition’s away, Fit continues to cater to all levels of riders, including several considered the best of all time.


ODI has been in the grip business as long as we’ve been building bikes and we’re proud to distribute their products alongside our own. We’ve worked closely with ODI over the years to design USA-made grips exclusive to our brands as well. ODI is considered the “The World Leader in Grip Technology…” we consider the SoCal company our like-minded ally.